For Immediate Release
March 23, 2022


According to Sheriff Keith Sexton, the arrest of Dustin Garland for flying a drone over the jail on March 20th leads to more arrests. Investigators began connecting Dustin Garland to subjects that were housed in that area of the jail and found several communications between them. It was discovered that they had a plot to fly a drone over the facility that began back on February 22, 2022. Chirp (text) messages of Randall Garner and Dadrian Franklin between Dustin Garland showed they had planned the location, the time, and payload of the drone. Their communications showed a package was attempted to be flown in on March 11th but never made it. An attempt was planned on March 15th but due to Deputies being in the area they moved their drop to Sunday March 20th. On the day of the incident, Michael Miller was heard and seen guiding the drone into their location by phone. Rocky Woodard was to grab the “package” once lowered into the area but due to the fast reaction of Detention Officers, the package was taken as evidence and the pilot was arrested. All four co-conspirators, Randall Garner, 33, Dadrian Franklin, 35, Michael Miller, 31, and Rocky Woodard, 33, have all been charged with Contraband in Penal Institution (Conspiracy to commit). They each have a $5000.00 Bond and are to appear in General Session Court on 3/24/22 at 1:30.

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