How To Obtain Legal Process

   A warrant for someone's arrest or a summons to appear in court, may be obtained from either of the courthouses in Washington County. If a criminal offense has occurred, the court clerk may request that you present a copy of a police offense report before issuing the warrant. The courts will determine the cost and responsibility for payment of the warrant. Civil process, such as protection orders, restraining orders, orders of eviction, etc., can be obtained in a similar fashion.

Restraining Orders & Protection Orders

        Restraining orders will need to be prepared by an attorney, where as protection orders can be taken out by anyone that meets the law's criteria. This criteria includes that the victim/complainant be in, or have been in, a relationship with the respondent, or a family relationship exists between the two. If this criteria is met, an exparte order of protection will be issued, which is good for 10 days. A court date will be set up for both complainant and respondent to attend. When the protection order goes before the courts, the judge will make the determination to either grant a full order of protection, or to dismiss it. If the protection order is granted, it will be in effect for a minimum of one year. Again, the courts will determine costs and responsibility for payment.