Reserve Officer Program

Commander - Major Dean McLaughlin
Executive Officer - Captain Mike Gardner
Administrative Sergeant - Steven Sessis
Reserve Advisor - Vince Pinyard


The Reserve Officer program has been a tremendous success not only in allowing citizens to volunteer their time to assist in providing law enforcement services in the community, but also in providing a cadre of trained law enforcement officers to supplement the resources of the Sheriff's Office.

On October 31st, 2000, the Reserve Program was recognized as a separate division whose commander, Major Dean McLaughlin, reports directly to the Sheriff. The Reserve Division was organized into four platoons supervised by a Lieutenant and a Sergeant. The emphasis of the Reserve Division is focused on organizational support, and the division adopted the motto "Not ME, But WE."

For the year end of 2008 the Reserve Officers of the Washington County Sheriff's Office had accounted for 6,671 man hours.

To see pictures of the Reserve Academy, Class Six (2007) click here.

Washington County Reserve Officers from Class #6Joint Class photo with Captain Horton

1st Platoon
2nd Platoon
3rd Platoon
4th Platoon
Lt J. Maden
Lt D Huffine Lt R. Fink Lt S. Fielden
Sgt M. Robinson
Sgt S Hicks Sgt K. Hurd Sgt S. Nave
R. Rogan
J. Blevins J. Littleton P. Collins
B. Collins
F. Harris K. Archer B. Chaffin
C. Pritchard
M. Richardson M. Sifford T. Jaynes
B. Fillers
R. Hall A. Motzinger S. Sanders
 S. Dingus
  S. Levotch E. Thompson
  J. Daniel B. Morelock

To apply for the Reserve Officer Program, download and fill out the below application. All requirements for the Reserve Officer are the same for full time employees and can be found on our career opportunities page.

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