Gang Task Force

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Gang Task Force is comprised of Officers and Investigators from the following Divisions: Detention, Patrol, School Resource Officers and Criminal Investigations.

The Washington County Gang Task Force exists in order to identify, classify and track known gang members who might be operating inside the Washington County area or who might be housed inside the Washington County Detention Center.

Washington County Gang Task Force members have received specialized training in how to identify gang members and their tattoos, graffiti, paraphernalia, writings and hand signs. This training is provided by the United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s Office and the Tennessee Gang Investigator’s Association. Members also attend quarterly meetings with various law enforcement agencies along with State and Federal District Attorney’s Offices in order to stay up on the current gang trends operating under the acronym R.A.G.E. (Regional Anti-Gang Effort)

Information gathered through the efforts of the Washington County Gang Task Force may be forwarded to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Joint Terrorism Task Force, or other Law Enforcement agency that may benefit from the information.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Gang Task Force follows up on tips received from the citizens of Washington County in order to help identify graffiti or other signs of gang activity. Working together with the citizens of Washington County, other law enforcement agencies, the Washington County District Attorney’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office the Washington County gang task force can effectively identify and in certain cases place criminal charges against active gang members for acts which violate the laws of the state of Tennessee and Federal laws.

Anyone with information on gang activity in the Washington County area is asked to contact 423-788-1414 to speak with an investigator. Your name and number will be kept confidential.


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