Detention Facility
Field Training Officer Program

In May of 2001, the Washington County Detention Center implemented the Field Training Program to provide all new Detention Officers with the formal training necessary to maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism set forth by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

This program is designed to guide new Detention Officers on all policy and procedures of the Detention Center while giving them the necessary skills to handle any situation in a professional manner. New Detention Officers receive personal on the job training, while following along side a seasoned officer who can teach them from their own experiences inside the Detention Center. This gives the new officer valuable insight that will be extremely helpful in their progression as a new officer. While going through the program, all new officers will be taught how to successfully complete all the day to day activities as well as proper actions that need to be made to maintain safety and security of the Detention Center.

At the end of the Field Training Program, a new Detention Officer will be able to successfully complete any assignment or duty given to them with proficiency and the highest standard of professionalism. We feel this program gives our new Detention Officers a distinct advantage by providing the best training and tools possible to complete the goal of the Washington County Detention Center.

After all at the Detention Center we have a saying that relates to this program:

"A good day is when everyone goes home safe."