Detention Facility Maintenance

The Washington County Detention Center Maintenance Department consists of 4 employees that maintains a 202,268 square foot facility, the workhouse, and the old jail's holding facility in the Jonesborough Courthouse. The Maintenance Supervisor is a United States Department of Labor Certified Journeyman Maintenance Repairman. The primary mission of the maintenance team is to provide a safe and clean environment for the employees and the inmates within our facility

Maintenance Supervisor Randy Hunt
Maintenance Technician Jimmy Willis
Maintenance Technician
Work Detail Supervisor Willard Leath

Below is a list of some of the duties assigned to the maintenance team but these are not inclusive:

  1. Daily cleaning and sanitation.
  2. Inspects TVs entering the facility.
  3. Painting.
  4. Plumbing.
  5. Maintain proper level of lighting.
  6. Electrical installations and repairs.
  7. Heating and ventilation and air condition.
  8. Maintenance and repair of High Security Door Locks.
  9. Maintenance and repair of Security System.
  10. Maintenance and repair of Close Circuit Television System.
  11. Inmate phone system.
  12. Repair of commercial kitchen equipment.
  13. Repair of commercial laundry equipment.
  14. Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Systems.

In addition there are approximately 4-6 inmates assigned to the maintenance team at all times to assist in part of the above daily tasks.