Administrative Services

The Washington County Sheriff's Office Administration Services Division, commanded by Major Russell Jamerson, is responsible for the recruitment function of the Sheriff's office, along with processing applicants, maintaining personnel files, and information management.

Administrative Assistant

The Sheriff's Office Administrative Assistant is responsible for taking all calls routed to the Sheriff, making appointments, maintaining personnel files and processing job applications for accuracy and completeness and maintaining the driving school books and reports.

The Administrative Assistant is also the Editor in Chief of our local 7-Point Star, a Sheriff's Office publication for the employees of the Sheriff's Office.

Kim Phipps


The Sheriff's Office Accountant is responsible for maintaining the budget, purchase requisitions, and all monies that are administered by the Sheriff's Office.

The budget process is an important function of the Sheriff's Office, as it affects all employees. Each year, employees are solicited to provide input for formulating goals and objectives for their section or division. The Command Staff then determines the agency's goals and objectives and prepares the budget accordingly.

Carol Stephens

Director of Administrative Services

The Director of Administrative Services, Rick Hawkins, has supervision over the following areas:.


The Receptionists are responsible for taking all calls to the Sheriff's Office during working hours and forwards the messages on to where they need to be. They also help enter reports, answer common public questions.

Teresa Lyons


Records Clerks have the primary responsibility for the control, maintenance, retrieval, and distribution of Sheriff's Office records and related state reporting. The records clerks are responsible for expungements.

Sarah Rabb



Warrants Clerks are responsible for appropriate record keeping procedures for process received, assignment for services, return of served papers to the appropriate courts, and accounting of funds derived from service. Warrants Clerks are reponsible for entering wanted fugitives into the NCIC system and work with extraditions.

Randy Hamilton
Judy Moskal


Information Systems

Information Services is responsible for the Sheriff's Office computer network, including research and updating of equipment and software, and training computer system operators. The IS Division is also responsible for the creation and updating of the official Washington County Sheriff's Office Web site. The IS Department recently expanded it's role to include Computer Forensics.

Dean Royston