Support Services

The Support Services Division is commanded by Captain Larry Denny, he is assisted by Lieutenant Greg Matherly and Sergeant Sam Phillips. The Support Services Division is divided into three sections:

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Lt Larry Denny Sergeant Greg Matherly Sergeant Sam Phillips
The Process and Transportation Section is responsible for the timely and effective service or execution of all authorized legal process. Transportation Officers are responsible for transporting inmates to court, other correctional facilities, or any other appointments outside the detention facility that may be necessary.



The Court Section is responsible for providing appropriate levels of security to the courts and courthouses in order to protect the integrity of court procedures, sustain the rights of those who are brought before it, prevent violent action that may be taken against the court, and maintain courtroom decorum.

Jonesborough Courthouse
Jonesborough Courthouse Baliff
Metal Detector Secuity Officer Stewart at Johnson City Court House Security Court Security
Officer Humphreys at Johnson City Court House Security   Officer Story at Johnson City Court House Security