Detention Facility

Detention Center Administrator - Major Brenda Downes
Detention Center Assistant Administrator - Captain Chris Lowe
Washington County Detention Center
Washington County Detention Center

The Washington County Detention Center opened in June 1995. The Detention Division is the largest of the Washington County Sheriff's Office, employing approximately 101 full time and 3 part time personnel.

The Washington County Detention Center is a 205,159 square foot facility with a capacity of 578 beds for both male and female inmates. Currently, we are housing both sentenced and pretrial inmates who were arrested by local, state or federal authorities. The inmate population recently averages 565 which include approximately 100 female inmates. The headcount has been as high as 610. That makes a ratio of officer to inmate as 1 officer to 56 inmates. This is done in direct supervision as well as indirect supervision.

The Detention Center houses an average of 110 state inmates and approximately 55 federal inmates and the remainder of the population is pretrial and sentenced county inmates. These include but not limited to persons arrested in Washington County, including the Town of Jonesborough. In addition, those persons arrested by the Johnson City Police Department, Veteran's Administration Police Department, East Tennessee State Public Safety, Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency within Washington County are brought to the Detention Center for processing.

In Summer 2009, the Detention Center expansion was complete and opened 226 additional beds, bringing the total bed count to a 578 certification.

The revenue generated by inmates comes from federal and state contracts, inmate phone system, and facility commissary sales which help offset the budget.

Detention Officers fingerprint ALL persons arrested and processed at the Detention Center. Currently we use a Live Scan Fingerprint system which produces forensic-quality fingerprint records by electronically scanning and capturing live fingerprints. Traditionally ink fingerprinting methods are subject to smudging, smearing, and over or under inking during the rolling process. The Live Scan system consistently produces clear, classifiable fingerprints that are of higher quality than inked prints.

The Detention Center has various programs that we are very proud of and will continue them to the best of our ability. They are as follows:

* We offer the GED program - a certified teacher comes to the Detention Center twice a week to give inmates classes and when ready to test, we set up with Northeast State Technical Community College for an examination.

* Agape – This program is for the female inmates only. Primarily it teaches about sexual integrity and how to make choices they will not regret.

* Project Hope - HIV/Aids awareness and education.

* Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Treatment programs.

* Parenting Class - This program is for females only. When inmates are released as part of their probation, it is mandatory that they attend a parenting class, so we have them start while being incarcerated here.

* Women's Group - This program addresses several topics including: women's issues, substance abuse, anger management.